My name is Juliet Igiebor, a web designer by profession but a passionate self-discovery and personal development blogger by heart. Born and raised in Lagos by two lovely parents who most of the years didn’t live together due to the nature of my Dad’s job at the time and which somehow landed me in Abuja. Growing up as a child my parents did their best to train my siblings and me to always believe in our dreams. They supported us through whatever it is we decided to do. I might not be opportune to attend the best of schools back then like some of the other kids but I never allowed my present predicament define who I am or who I will become.

As a child, I was this very shy introverted girl who didn’t express herself much but in spite of that, I always knew there was a lot inside of me, a burning desire to create a life that is bigger than what was in front of me. For me, life has taught me really quick to deal with issues on my own, take responsibilities by myself and most of all be self-sufficient. One thing I could relate to back then till now was that when I don’t like what was going on around me I don’t just watch I do something about it. I accept the things I could not change but then sort for ways to adjust and adapt so I can stay sane lol! I have experienced both the cool and not so cool side of life which I believe we all have and I have learned to be my own self-motivator. Like the popularly saying that goes “tough times don’t last, only tough people do.”

After my graduation, I did get a job as it was expected but over time I got laid off from my job but the plain truth was that I saw it coming lol! and instead for me to be sad as it were, I felt this relief and inner peace. And you know why? I had neither passion nor love for what I was doing and I somehow knew it was time for a change. There was no sense of fulfilment or motivation for work and to make matters worse, the take-home pay was nothing to write home about lol!

Well, my philosophy about work has always revolve around self-fulfilment rather than take-home pay and I could recall saying to a friend with all sense of conviction that, “It is better to do what you love doing even if you are not been paid for it than to be paid a ton and yet you don’t love what you do.” Please don’t get me wrong, if you are lucky enough to have a good-paying job and one that you love especially, then count yourself lucky but like I said before that was not my case and perhaps many others out there. That feeling of waking up every morning, preparing to start your day with no form of excitement or enthusiasm for work. I tried to like what I do by creating such an environment for myself but it just didn’t work. I knew since my job could not give me that inner peace and sense of fulfilment that I craved for, I somehow knew I needed a break and a change was the next thing for me. Even though I have not gotten that dream job yet like most of us would wish for, there was still a bright future ahead, and I just needed to believe I was capable of creating that future for myself.

After so many attempts of trials and errors, comes this website “Selfwillmentality” which is built around the belief that change begins from within, if only we can listen to how we truly feel inside and allow ourselves to feel, instead of concerning ourselves about the things we cannot change or have control over. We can simply focus on the good we can make out of every event that life throws at us, break free from that regret, rejections and critics and move on. Mind you, am not here as an expert but someone who over the years have had a fair share of life experiences but had to make some very difficult choices to take that bold leap and to become a better version of myself. Hence, my love to inspire and to be inspired which is one of my greatest goals in life has led me to you. I believe you too can achieve your dreams, be free and live the kind of life you want to but it all begins with that first step of awareness by accepting what you cannot change and doing something about what you can and the potentials to do so lies only within you. I hope through the FREE content on my website, or any other platform you find me, you can learn one or two and also share your views through your comments so someone else too can learn from that and everyone is happy. You can break that limit, you can scale through that height, you can become a better you and you can be free. So sit back, enjoy the ride with me as we dissect ways to tackle those life challenges that tend to hold us bound and come out of it a better person. Cheers!